heat wave and cats on youtube

so, i went to the giants game last night and sat in a t-shirt and jeans until 8pm, at which point i put on a long-sleeved t-shirt because there was the occasional chilly sea breeze. this may not sound remarkable, but for san francisco it was a miracle. i loved every minute of it! this morning i walked out of my apartment at 8am in just a short sleeved summer dress and sandals without a sweater. it’s amazing! it’s so nice to have a small taste of summer, although i know it will be taken from me and replaced with a biting chill and fog. i am just taking advantage of this while it lasts…

and on a side note, i got bored with imovie the other night and made a first (quick) stab at a little video. i still have a lot to learn, but i still had fun…

sara tribute
stu and the major


One thought on “heat wave and cats on youtube

  1. i’m so jealous of the warm weather you guys are having! i hear the whole west coast is having a heat wave! stay cool in the non-air conditioning 🙂

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