official [almost]

after months of dragging my feet and getting used to the idea, i finally felt ready to make the big swap and change my name. i got together the proper documents and application, and headed over to the social security office this morning. after waiting in line (i’m glad i got there early), going through security, and getting checked in, i was welcomed with an announcement stating that the computers (supposedly nation-wide) were down, and therefore they were unable to process people. they said they’d do as much as they could, but anything involving the computer was impossible. i was one of the first people called, and they took my application and filled out the remaining details, and said that when the computers came back up i’d be processed. then they’d send me a receipt letting me know that everything was changed. that was a little frustrating, especially because i wanted to just get it done. of course the day i go is the day the computers go down.

anyway, it was extremely strange to fill out the form with my “name to be shown,” and i sort of felt like i was renouncing my family, but despite my hesitations, i am excited to finally make the change and share a name with brandon. it’s like another new beginning for us, and the official start of our family unit.

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