i won!

well, that day came yesterday. i got an email with the subject “CUB spring promotion winner!” i opened up the email and the first line said “Congratulations! You have won a free CUB White Station by participating in our CUB Spring Promotional Event.”

um, excuse me? i never win things! and this isn’t any old thing that i won–this is a very nice piece of furniture. i had an ear-to-ear grin, but the annoying part was that my sister was in a doctor’s appointment when i found out, so i had to wait and be patient which is not one of my strengths. when i did tell her, however, she was quite giddy.

yesterday morning my sister and i were discussing baby furniture (as we do most days) and we were trying to kind of make a choice on a crib. we finally decided that if we were going to go with a modern crib, it’d most likely be the cub as it was the most reasonably priced. we weren’t 100% (and of course josh had to be consulted), but that is the direction we were leaning. it’s well made, non-toxic finishes, made with formaldehyde-free mdf, and is nice and compact. to have that discussion and then get this email? that made the decision easy–cub crib it is, and now we have the matching changing station!

so now, the proposed nursery scheme can be unveiled with the furniture pretty set…so as not to confuse, we do not yet know the gender of the baby–my sister has loved the little prince since she was young, so it is a little prince-themed room, but that does not mean boy. there will be plans to follow, and things may be changed/swapped out as research is done and plans are drawn up.

and so, the scheme in it’s current state:

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