cookies & kitties

although i enjoy it, i rarely bake–mostly due to the fact that i have zero self-control when it comes to not quickly devouring my entire batch of baked goods. yesterday, however, i got an excuse to bake some cookies. i baked some of grandma’s recipe oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies (for this batch i left out the raisins). because of the spices in the recipe, and the fact that i normally have them at the holidays, i felt like it was christmas in may! it was the first time i made them, and i was pleased with the results.

here is the dough:

and the finished product

while i baked the cats decided to hang out and snooze a little. call me the cat lady, but i just couldn’t resist taking some pictures.

stuart lounging

the boys snuggling (ben is in the the one giving bedroom eyes)

overall, it was a nice way to spend saturday afternoon. i think i might have to make more of these soon–they were delicious (in my opinion).

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