two things

first, i’d like to share that on april 30, brandon, sara, chris and i went to see colin meloy at the fillmore. can i just say…amaaaaaaaaaaazing. absolutely incredible. what talent! and then hearing about his 2 year old hank…it was almost too much. colin, you can sing to me/around me anytime. i know i’m kind of gushing like a teenage girl, but i really don’t even know what to say other than he blew me away. to pull off mariner’s revenge alone in an acoustic set…well, that just shows how great he is. i was really excited that he sang grace cathedral hill, as it is one of my favorite decemberists songs. o, valencia didn’t disappoint either…well, every song made me happy and excited, so i’ll stop there. sufficient to say i wouldn’t hesitate to see him again. and again.

second thing:
i walked home from work yesterday. as in, the whole way. normally my commute is cable car to light rail, light rail to my office. yesterday i got out to the platform for the t (my light rail line) and saw the next train wasn’t coming for 28 minutes. i waited a few and the time wasn’t decreasing, so i thought to myself ‘hey, i can make it to caltrain (by the ballpark) in 28 minutes…i’ll just walk.’ good thing i did, because no trains passed me by in the entire walk. i got up to the caltrain platform and looked at the time ticker. another 20 minutes. i was meeting brenna at union square, and i thought well, who knows if it will actually be 20 minutes, and then i have to get on the train, which will be packed, and ride it which will at least be another 20–i might as well walk. i walked to union square, and then once there brenna and i decided to walk home instead of take public transit. overall, i guess it wasn’t that long of a walk–only 3.7 miles, but if you know where my office is (out in the boondocks), it seems like quite a feat. it was a fun little adventure, but i wouldn’t want to do it every day. i’m curious what the hold-up was with muni as well…

here was my route:

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