well, we’re back safe and sound from coachella! it was a super fun weekend. we drove down to l.a. friday night, spent the night chez asuncion, then drove out to indio on saturday morning. luckily, it wasn’t as hot as last year so we weren’t exhausted so easily. we started out in one of the tents at mgmt, then wandered over to see a little st. vincent before we decided to grab a bite to eat because we had back-t0-back-to-back shows coming up and it was our only opportunity to eat. after food we were conflicted because hot chip and death cab were playing at the same time (well, overlapping times) so sara and i wandered over to hot chip while the boys went to death cab. as soon as we got to the hot chip tent, however, we realized the organizers MASSIVELY underestimated the following that hot chip was going to have. the tent was already overflowing–there was no way we were going to see anything. we decided to go back to death cab which ended up being a great choice–literally thousands of people were migrating over to the hot chip tent (that was in addition to the people already there). somehow we fought through the crowd and met up with the boys at death cab.

death cab was amazing as expected, and then we ran over to see rilo kiley. after that we went over to animal collective, which was a little too smokey for us, and then we ventured home. i have to say highlights: death cab and rilo….low-lights? my horrific HORRIFIC allergies. we’re talking i went through multiple tissue packs and napkins and basically had watering eyes all day. as in it looked like i was sobbing. all day. i swear i was having a good time:

other than the allergies, the day was great!

on the way to indio

having fun

walking around

death cab for cutie

rilo kiley

coachella at night

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