coachella 2008

well it may not be hawaii (eh hem…kelly) but i am getting away for the weekend somewhere warm and i can’t wait! tomorrow night we’re driving down to la, and will be making our trek to indio, ca on saturday for coachella 2008. in my crazy, heat loving way, i am really looking forward to being in the desert in the sun all day and welcoming a breeze, as opposed to freezing all day every day. this will be a welcome break and change of pace from the past few weeks. i have a wonderful cat sitter, a back-up cat sitter (there’s a reason, and it’s not just that i’m an overly paranoid mom), sunscreen and sunglasses packed and i’m ready to go. it’s going to be exhausting but so much fun! there will definitely be a post when i get back with pictures.

on a side note, i got a hair trim today and i just have to say that i love my hair cut guy. he is so happy and always makes me feel good. he has a very positive outlook on life and it’s just so refreshing! plus he gives incredible scalp massages and makes my hair pretty! kudos to lee…he’s great!

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