wedding pictures…6 months later

so brandon and i have been dragging our heels on choosing our wedding album photos and the pictures for our framed “haiku” (a framed arrangement of 9 photos). after a facebook hello from our photographer (not related to us not doing this yet), i decided it was time to finally just bite the bullet and choose the photos. it was extremely difficult to basically rule out 900+ photos and condense the day to a very small amount, but i think we did a decent job and i feel better knowing this is finished. almost. just a few final touches and it will be off to the photographer for the final printing, etc. i can’t wait to see the finished product!

in the meantime, here is what we chose for our “haiku”:

photos by edyta szyszlo

2 thoughts on “wedding pictures…6 months later

  1. absolutely beautiful! looking at those pictures makes me so proud of you. you are truely gorgeous, and the pictures are fantastic. it actually made me excited for weddings again! (i have been slightly bitter towards them all, for obvious reasons.) but now, i am excited again. there needs to be more weddings &babies so that i can live vicariously thru everyone else. =)
    anyways… hope this hump day is treating you well. love you!!!

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