weekly photo challenge

well, natalie has been hosting a weekly photo challenge, and every week i intend to participate and never do. this week i was determined, and yet again the week slipped away to work. this morning while getting ready, however, i thought of an appropriate photo for the word of the week, and took a quick picture before i left for work. while the quality of the photo isn’t great (i snapped it using my computer’s camera), it’s a start and better than nothing. i hope, in the future, to be able to be more artistic and deliberate about my picture-taking. anyway, the word of the week:

Monday’s Word of the Day from Dictionary.com

pin money \pin money\, noun:
1. An allowance of money given by a husband to his wife for private and personal expenditures.
2. Money for incidental expenses.
3. A trivial sum.

the coffee mug. brandon and i have been making a conscious effort to make and bring coffee as opposed to buying it (if brandon didn’t make it, however, this would never get done). we realized how much money we were wasting and decided to do something about it–our original intention was to set aside the money we would spend on coffee and use it as our rainy day fund. so far we haven’t actually put the money aside, but i feel good about the fact that we’re saving money, even if it is only a few dollars a day. for us, coffee money is pin money that adds up!

i look forward to hopefully a better photo next week!

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