who is this girl?

so, i’ve gone most of my life without liking a lot of things…at the top of my list of dislikes? fruit and sushi. for sushi, it was just the idea and the look of it–i wouldn’t even try it. one day last year, however, i just out of nowhere said “i want sushi. it sounds so good.” so i got some, and it was delicious. now i crave sushi all the time.

for fruit, it wasn’t the flavor but the texture that was troublesome. i just couldn’t get over it. they say your tastebuds change like every seven years or something, but i have gone 25 years without liking fruit one bit. around high school i decided that smoothies were okay, and i could get past the occasional seed or fruit chunk (barely) but that was the extent. it wasn’t for a lack of trying, either. while i was in paris i developed a liking for clementines, but my fruit likes did not expand beyond that. it’s been frustrating going through life disliking something that pretty much everyone assumes everyone likes. when it came up, i’d then have to explain myself, which always got quite a reaction of “how can you not like fruit????” my favorite part? frequently i would ask if the questioner liked vegetables, and often they would reply “not really…” well, you’d be hard pressed to find a vegetable i don’t LOVE.

anyway, i digress. i’m just excited because of my latest development–a sudden affinity for fruit. around christmas i had a chocolate fondue party, and the lovely kristin brought over some pears and strawberries to dip. i decided to try and WOW, was it delicious! now, i realize it’s smothered in chocolate, but that’s a huge step for me. when in LA, chris took us to pinkberry and i decided, what the hey, i’m going to get some fresh strawberries with my fro-yo. i absolutely loved it. last night i decided berries sounded good, so we got a mix of fresh berries from whole foods, put it on some low-fat frozen yogurt, and sprinkled it with chocolate chips. sooooo tasty!

while i know i’m not eating pure fruit on it’s own yet, i feel like i am close. although it’s (very) late in coming, i am proud of myself–and i no longer have to explain to people that i don’t like fruit.

One thought on “who is this girl?

  1. wow! im so excited to be a part of your fruit awakening! we shall have to have more fruit dunking in chocolate parties soon 🙂

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