the weekends

well, i know i haven’t been as good about posting, but it’s time to do some catch up. two weekends ago, i went to an exhibition game between the a’s and the giants. while the outcome wasn’t exactly what i hoped for, it was fun to get back into the baseball season on a sunday afternoon. we couldn’t have asked for better weather (well, maybe a little less wind, but i don’t want to be overly picky. the sky was blue at least)

oh, the beautiful field…

the view from the park

the 4 muskateers at the park

the next saturday, we decided to get out into nature and enjoy some of the terrain that makes the bay area special. chris, brandon and i hopped on a ferry and went over to angel island for a few hours of hiking. the weather, once again agreed with us, although my allergies did not….we had a fantastic time, and it was so beautiful to be on the bay, get to the island with minimal buildings, and be able to look back and see the beautiful skyline of the city. so close to the urban, but also removed at the same time. it’d be a great place just to get away for some solitary reflection…

the rock (which i’ve still never been to)

the sf skyline

getting a little excited about the day (i look like i’m sneaking around behind brandon’s back)

taking some pictures

the golden gate

a little closer

land ho!

we finished up the day with some taylor’s refresher and a nice walk home…i was so exhausted from the fresh air, allergies, and walking that when i got home i fell asleep in a chair. i love that kind of tired…much better than the “i’ve been looking at a computer screen too long every day” tired

*photos courtesy of christopher b. asuncion

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