let’s go giants ::::clap clap clapclapclap::::

well, tuesday night was a fun (but freeeeezing) night at at&t park. brandon & chris’ office have season tickets, which chris got for opening night. unfortunately for us, this year they decided to split up the 4 seats into two pairs to give more people an opportunity to attend, but that meant chris had to choose between brandon and i, since he had already promised both of us. chris chose me, so obviously i’m his favorite. well, actually the boys had also already spoken with adam about going, so brandon sat with adam in the upper deck and chris and i sat down in the season ticket seats. brandon was very nice and didn’t make a fuss.

anyway, as i mentioned previously it was freezing, but what a great game! giants vs. padres, 11 innings, a walk-off home run by bengie molina to win the game, and then fireworks following! all in all, a fantastic night.*photos courtesy of christopher b. asuncion

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