it’s crazy how fast things/people/animals grow…i came across these pictures from just a few months ago (from late september) and i just cannot get over the cuteness…

now the cats are climbing in/on/over/around everything…absolutely everything. last night they were hanging off a curtain we had between our dining room and living room (luckily it was extremely cheap). night before last, i was trying to distract the cats while i cooked by throwing a bag on the ground for them to play with. it landed right-side up, and ben walked over to it and stuck his head through the handles very deliberately and then proceeded to…just sit there. i eventually took the bag away because he was starting to run around with it, and he went over to another bag and stuck his head through THOSE handles…what a little psycho cat…
they’ve come so far from that first night when i was afraid to have them sleep in my room because i didn’t want to wake up to dead kittens in a box…

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