becoming [less of] a man

poor kitty cats…they had their big surgery yesterday…they have now become…un-men? we dropped them off at the vet yesterday morning before work, which was awkward. first you have to fill out the paperwork which includes questions like “in the event something occurs during surgery, choose one of the following: i authorize whatever is needed, regardless of cost; i authorize whatever is needed up to $_______ beyond the cost estimate; or please call if an emergency arises.” basically you have to put a price tag on your animal–how much are they worth to you? next, after the paperwork, they told us we were done and could leave, and to “just leave the cats there.” there, as in there, on the floor of the waiting room in their carriers.

anyway, everything went well and they are acting like nothing is wrong except for…their lovely collars, which they are actually getting used to, they just look ridiculous. brandon calls them helmets, i call them bonnets. i wasn’t warned about them, so i came home to two running, jumping, peppy kitties with bonnets on.

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