i’m back

well, i know it’s been a bit since i’ve posted…i had such a strong start and then…nothing. it’s been a pretty draining week and a half or whatever between work and life in general. i did, however, have a fantastic little weekend trip to la for some disneyland and architecture. i will share an abbreviated version of chris’ infamous “list” (remember, this is written in the first person as chris):


brandon, to brieanne: “are you singing?”
brieanne: “yeah, i like this song!”
[brieanne, trying to sing quietly]
me, a few minutes later: “brieanne, are you singing?”
brieanne, embarassed: “you can hear me?!”

_brieanne, offering to buy me something at the mini-mart
me: “something non-caffeinated–pink lemonade!”
brieanne: “okay…”
me: “no wait. pepsi! cherry pepsi!”
brieanne: “do you want diet? chocolate cherry…”
me: “chocolate?! gross. cherry pepsi, please!”

_getting brandon’s chex mix all over my seat and floor
_coming home at 2am and inspecting the refrigerator, every cabinet, drawer and cupboard for food and drink
_discovering joint juice


_breakfast at coffee co.
_brieanne, on the waitress: “so do you have a crush on her, too?”
_arriving at disneyland, and brieanne informing me and brandon of her pet peeves: mothers carelessly pushing baby carriages and dropping the f-bomb around kids
_giving brandon and brieanne heads-up that if my feet get wet, i’m going to be a “cranky baby”
_me and brieanne studying the which-seat-gets-soaked-the-worst pattern to determine where we should sit on splash mountain
_getting soaked on the first splash mountain drop and yelling, “cranky baby!”

_taking a picture with my camera on the drop
_walking off splash mountain completely soaked, and laughing at brieanne, who got even more soaked than me
_burger cravings and actually getting one at the village haus
_cramming the three of us into one carriage in the haunted mansion and getting others to clap along
_my multiple restroom stops
_me and brandon hiding from brieanne while she searched for her fast pass, and seeing how long she’d go before realizing we were missing
_brandon’s and my prom picture in front of the castle
_my inability to pick lines
_calling meaghan to inform her that mickey and the cheshire cat “have been exterminated”
_getting motion sickness on rides from taking pictures
_brandon, voting me the most annoying ride passenger, and hands down, having the most high-pitched scream on any ride
_brieanne’s disappointment in canceled fireworks
_high-fiving a security guard
_not getting a high-five from a souvenir cart-pusher
_me and brandon, attempting to slow down a wet sphere from being spun by little kids

_most expensive irish coffee ever!
_going out for wetzel’s afterwards and using spicy mustard
_sour goofy balls
_throwing a sour ball at brandon, yelling “tally-ho!” on the first drop in pirates of the caribbean, and being told over the PA not to take flash photography
_seeing the golden gate bridge on the way out: “i miss you, san francisco!”
_brieanne’s response: “you know, when you’re in san francisco, you miss LA. and when you’re in LA, you miss san francisco. we should just cut you in half.”

_brieanne, fighting to keep her head up and from falling over on the ride home


_breakfast with brandon, brieanne, my parents and aunt at the grinder
_fascination with brandon’s wristwatch
_brandon, tita, dad and me, ordering the bacon deluxe; mom, the sausage deluxe; and brieanne, becoming the outcast with her ham scramble something-something
_dad, to brandon: “thanks for coming! i’m glad i got to see my son.”
_mom, calling brandon and brieanne their adopted children
_tito crispin wanting to take a picture with brieanne
_visiting the new bcam

_taking brandon and brieanne to pinkberry
brieanne: “i love this place!”
brandon: “you’re just saying that to make chris feel good.”

_blasting “me and the major,” and singing “neighborhood #1 (tunnels)” out loud
_making fun of brieanne for her “driving at dusk” comments

_brieanne’s picture text getting to me four hours later

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