i have been listening to the bright eyes album “i’m wide awake, it’s morning” at least once a day for the past couple days–i can say with confidence it is one of my favorite albums of all time, start to finish–there is not one song on the album that i skip past. i can listen to it over and over again, each time finding a new favorite lyric, or some nuance of a song that previously went unnoticed. i’ve discovered it’s great driving music, great working music, and most recently great art project music–i listened while painting the bathroom. while i know bright eyes is an acquired taste, and definitely not for everyone, i think this is the album to start on if you’re going to listen to him. i have to admit, the album has slowly become a favorite–it wasn’t love at first listen. i enjoyed it, but not to the extent i currently do. the more i’ve listened, the more i’ve grown to appreciate.

anyway, while listening, i had that experience of hearing a song and many thoughts and emotions come pouring in with it–thankfully they were happy memories! the song was “first day of my life,” sung at our wedding ceremony. i have included the video here because it’s pretty cute and makes me smile. turn up the volume and enjoy!

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