where are you, cell phone?

*3rd update* i suspended service to my phone, just in case.

*2nd update* my phone is off again. this is driving me nuts. so far no charges have been incurred.

*update* my phone is back on, but no one is picking up. i’m not sure if this is good or bad. chris offered to walk over to cbs and have them issue an amber alert. at least that made me smile.

so, in a post-happy hour ride home, i think i lost my cell phone in a cab. it definitely makes one feel extremely vulnerable after losing a phone. what makes this additionally upsetting? i just got a new one in december. the phone has since been either turned off or the sim card was removed (it goes straight to voicemail when i call my number) because i know my phone is not dead–i had just charged the battery. the story i like to tell myself is that it was found by the cab driver, and he turned it off so he didn’t have to listen to it ring a bunch while someone searched for it, and then he turned it into the lost and found and they will be calling me any moment to tell me that my cell phone is safe and sound and waiting to be picked up.

i’m guessing this is wishful thinking.


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